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Our Cuplings for Non Profits Program is focused on helping non-profit organizations such as Charities, Religious Groups, associations and others alike, create a longer lasting impact in local communities by joining our "Period Freedom" Initiative and becoming a Cuplings 'Friend of the Ground' 

How does it work?


When your non profit joins the program, it commits to helping us reach 10 million women and school girls across Africa. The primary role of a Cuplings "Friend on the ground" is to help us identify and

reach the people who need the kits most. 

Your non profit will provide us with the number of women and school girls you work with. Cuplings will then source the donations and once we have sourced enough donations, our team will arrange to drop off the kits and provide a Workshop for your non profits team members.


Should your foundation look to acquire kits by itself, Cuplings provides your non-profit with kits at a discounted rate, and still provides the support and education required when distributing the kits to the community. This training ensures that teams know how to use Cuplings kits, and how to educate others on how to use them too. Organisations also receive ongoing support from Cuplings.


As part of our efforts to assist organisations that join the "Period Freedom" Initiative, Cuplings Cups Donates a percentage of the total value of the sponsored kits to your non profit based on the number of kits you will be requiring. This is to assist with the operational expenses of handing out kits in remote areas and

to help your non profit continue to function as a "Friend on the Ground"


Contact us to find out more about our work with non-profits and

how your non profit can join the "Period Freedom" Initiative and create

a massive social footprint as a Cuplings "Friend on the Ground"

"We Can't wait to get these

kits out into the communities"

Quincy Molope

- A Million Girls Foundation

"This is the Change we have been looking for."

Anne Trusler

- Social Entrepenuer 

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