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The Cuplings "Period Freedom" Initiative is about providing African women and children with a long term eco-friendly and sustainable solution to dealing with menstruation. Our specially designed menstrual cup kits lasts one person up to 10 years. That means every person that receives a menstrual kit, does not have to buy any menstrual products for the next 10 years. 

It is estimated that over 2.5 Million girls in South Africa alone miss a week of school every month due to their menstrual cycle, this means they can miss up to 3 months of school every year, due to lack of access to sanitary products. By the time they are 18 years old they have missed close to 2 full years of school. These numbers are seen all over Africa as menstrual health awareness has started to get the attention and focus it deserves. We are constantly discovering new challenges faced by not only young girls but by adults as well. With unemployment and gender based violence in Africa being one of the major Issues, lack of access to sanitary products is only half the battle. Most Women who live in villages, impoverished areas and shelters cannot afford to buy sanitary products even when they are made available in their local stores. Instead they are forced to use clothes, tissues, leaves and other unsanitary methods to deal with their monthly period. 

"If a person can't afford to buy food, how do we expect them to buy Menstrual Health products every month? We needed a long term sustainable solution to helping people. Not a monthly Bandaid." - Farah Abdulla MD


Our kit includes 3 different cup sizes to choose from and alternate between, providing you with a stress-free period journey. We have you covered no matter what your flow or body anatomy.

After years of trying to find a sustainable, eco friendly solution that works for our local African communities and the limited resources available, we decided to build a special menstrual cup kit that is fit for our local communities and the first in the world.​

The kit provides all three menstrual cup sizes, which accommodates all body types and flows. It includes a portable sterilizer which accommodates people who live in remote areas like villages with very little access to water or privacy and we include a breathable travel pouch, allowing for easy storage and packing for travelling. 

Our Kit is specifically put together to ensure that you have everything you need, no matter where you are. To date, we have had great feedback and 100% of the people we have donated kits to are currently using Cuplings cups every month and no longer worry about buying sanitary products. 

Who Do We Help?

All African women and children who do not have access to sanitary products.

How Are We Making A Difference?

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk!

Over the next 10 years, Cuplings will be working with schools, shelters, organisations and corporations in a systematic effort to reach the people in our communities who need "Period Freedom" the most. 

Our Menstrual kit donations are paired with our menstrual health workshops in an effort to educate more people about menstrual cups and menstrual health. This means that we ensure that everyone that recieves a Cuplings kit, also recieve a workshop on menstrual health.

Contact us to find out more about our workshops, the schools, shelters and non profits we work with.


How Does It Work?

Cuplings Foundation works with local schools, charities and women's shelters to effectively reach the women and children on the ground who need kits most. We recently kick started our Initiative in January 2022 and to date we have already reached 1860 women and children who no longer worry about having sanitary products for the next 10 years. In 2022 we will be visiting over 50 schools in South Africa as well as 120 shelters in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia as we kick start our mission in Africa.


Our Work With Schools

Every year Cuplings selects 50-100 no fee schools in specific areas to donate kits to throughout the calendar year.

This year we are working with schools in South Africa and kick-starting our Initiative in Rustenburg, North West which is the home of Cuplings.

*We always ensure that all schools agree to working with our foundation before we start raising funds to assist that school.

The Schools receive donations from the Cuplings foundation's sponsors and donors. They also receive a menstrual health workshop which teaches women and children about menstruation and the many issues surrounding it. All menstrual health workshops are sponsored by Cuplings Cups Pty Ltd as part of our ongoing mission.

100% of all donations go towards acquiring kits for donations.


Contact us for the complete list of the 2022 Period Freedom Schools.  

Our Work With Shelters

This year we are working with charities in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

*We always ensure that we have agreements with all the shelters we work with. 

Shelters provide us with a total number of all the women and girls they house. Cuplings then raises kits for the total number of women and children the said shelter houses.

As part of our ongoing mission to provide period freedom throughout Africa, for every kit raised by the Cuplings Foundation, Cuplings Cups additional funding to the organisations that receive the kits, in an effort to help fund the operational expenses of getting the kits to the people who need them most.

All menstrual health workshops are sponsored by Cuplings Cups as part of our ongoing mission to educate people on menstruation.

100% of all donations go towards acquiring kits for donations.

Contact us for the complete list of the 2022 Period Freedom Shelters.  




"Since the start of 2022 we have already provided 1860 school girls, teachers and homeless women with menstrual kits"


100 Schools
120 Shelters



50 Schools
70 Shelters

20 Schools
10 Shelters

20 Schools
10 Shelters

20 Schools
10 Shelters

We would like to partner with organizations that are interested in helping us achieve our mission across Africa.

We know that women are the rock of the family, they are the ones who look after everyone and raise us all. From the women selling vegetables at the taxi rank, to the 16 year old girl who works after school jobs just to put food on the table for her siblings. Being an African female comes with many challenges and pressures. Which is why we believe that something as natural as having your period is challenging enough without the added pressure of having to pay for it every month. No one should be paying a monthly fee for something that is regarded as natural for the human body, especially those who are not privileged enough to have easy access to sanitary products. 


Menstrual Cups have always been seen as luxury sanitary products, which means A Bo mama and our children have never even had the opportunity to learn about them or the option to choose to use them. When the reality is that menstrual cups Provide ''Period Freedom'' like nothing else can. 

''We may not be able to alleviate the pressures of the world, but we can make one's period journey stress free! Oftentimes, all someone needs, is a little period freedom to help them get through life.'' 




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