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We have thoughtfully designed our Cuplings kit with affordability, quality and comfort in mind.

Our kit includes 3 different cup sizes to choose from and

alternate between, providing you with a stress-free period journey.

We have you covered no matter what your flow or body anatomy.

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Paying for Groceries




Kit price


A single menstrual cup

lasts for up to 10 years.

Yearly cost over 10 years 

R42.90 per year

Monthly cost over 10 years

R3.58 per month!


Our kit includes a foldable sterilizer pot,

which is compact and ideal for use on the go. The cups and sterilizer fit into our breathable cotton carry pouch, giving you a kit that offers you




for up to 10 years. 

''Our Smart shape allows your cup to stay securely in place, while holding its shape and providing greater capacity.''


Our kit offers complete PERIOD FREEDOM for up to 10 years.


Before the Cuplings kit was developed, menstrual cups were seen as a luxury premium product, and each cup size was usually sold individually. With menstrual cups, you are required to buy the different cup sizes individually. This makes it difficult to choose a cup to buy if you don’t know your cup size.  It becomes expensive if you can’t find the right cup size and need to buy several different cup sizes. The wrong cup size can create leakages and discomfort. 


Here at Cuplings, we provide you with a FULL kit, which includes all 3 cup sizes. This one-time purchase allows you to have the freedom to find your perfect cup size, without having to spend extra money to purchase several different cups. You might use all 3 cup sizes during one period, depending on your flow during different stages of your period. You may need to change cup size based on certain life events, such as giving birth naturally. The Cuplings kit gives you the freedom to choose which cup size to use and makes finding your perfect cup size effortless and affordable. The kit also includes a portable steriliser, instructions booklet, and a cotton travel pouch. 


At Cuplings we focus on providing value for young girls and women of all ages and demographics.

We strongly believe in making menstrual cups affordable and readily available for all, while

ensuring that our cups are of the highest quality grade in the world. 


"I Just love the travel pouch and portable sterilizer."

Simone Grevensteyn

"Definitely the best quality

cups on the market!"

Thando Mbele

"I really love that there is no

guessing, one of them will fit!"

Fatima P

"I love the Cuplings Kit!

The Cups are so comfortable"

Tara K

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