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Join The

''Period Freedom'' Initiative and become a Cuplings "Period Freedom Fighter"

Our Cuplings for CSI'S program is centred around helping companies reach their corporate social responsibility, create a greater social impact and get a great return on investment. With Cuplings, your company can now run CSI initiatives that will have a lasting impact on communities, and an unmatched ROI.


How Does it work? 

Our Cuplings for CSI'S program, allows your company to sponsor individual school girls, an entire school or a homeless shelter. Cuplings keeps a database of local Schools and homeless shelters across Africa with girls who are in serious need of menstrual kits. These are girls who have been missing school every month because they do not have access to menstrual health products. This year we will be focusing on Schools in South Africa and shelters in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa as we move from the south to the north of Africa over the next 10 years. 

With over 7 million girls struggling with
access to menstrual health products,
joining the Cuplings for CSI'S program gives your company the opportunity to make a lasting impact, and keep girls in school permanently or help homeless women take better care of their of the menstruation. 

Thanks to your company, for the next 10 years, school girls and women won’t have to buy menstrual products or worry about missing school, getting UTI and facing shame and embarrassment due to not having period products.


Let's Give

10 Million

Women and

school girls


and #MakeADifference 


Contact us to find out more about our Cuplings for CSI'S Program and how your company can leave a stronger, longer lasting impact on communities and society at large. 

"These Kits are incredible

for CSI initiatives,

the lasting impact is unmatched in my view."

Molope Molope

- BDM in the Investment Industry

"I love the fact that

this lasts 10 years!

It is an amazing alternative

to pad drives."

Gladys Phiri

- SLP Co-ord in the Mining Industry

"Our Foundation is Looking

to Work with companies, in

an effort to Keep A Million Girls in School."

Anne Trusler

- Attorney at Law

"These Kits should be available in every pharmacy and easily accessible for

local communities"

John Openshaw

- Pharmaceutical Industry

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