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Earn 20% (R79) commission every time your code is used at checkout

and Let your followers save R20 off every kit purchased using your promo code. 

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How does it work? 


Cuplings provides you with a Promo Code for people to use at checkout. 


Every time someone uses your promo code, you make R79 commission from the sale and the customer receives a R20 discount at checkout. 


You need a minimum of two sales in a week, in order to receive your minimum weekly Payout.


You will be provided with guidelines on what you can and cannot do in an effort to promote the Cuplings Kits. Outside of the guidelines, you are free to be creative in how you promote the kits. 


We will provide you with as much material as possible to share and repost stuff. We recommend you order your own kit, in order to make more content around the product itself. We are happy to Collab whenever you have ideas on promotions that align with us. 

How to Apply; 


- Simply visit our website

- Go to our Affiliate section 

- Fill in the form and submit


- Once we have approved your submission you will receive your confirmation email and your promo code 


Who Can Join?


Anyone with a Social media following of 2000+ is eligible to apply for the program


Available in SA & Botswana only!  


Let’s Work Together!

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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Thanks for submitting!

We will review your submission and reply via email.
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