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Our complete kit takes the guess work out of choosing your cup size.


Our kit includes 3 cup sizes XS, S, L - a cup for every season and flow.


Our reusable cups replace the need for tampons and pads.


Enjoy 10 years of 'PERIOD FREEDOM' with our kit.


Cuplings kits come in a box that comprises of:

-  3x Menstrual cups – XS, S, L

-  1x Menstrual cup sterilizer (foldable)

-  1x Storage bag/pouch

-  1x Instructions



- Made from 100% FDA Registered medical

  grade silicone.


CE Certified.


- Made with organic non-toxic dyes.


- Latex free, BPA free, Chemical and Bleach free, Dioxin free and Phthalate free.  (According to WHO, some dioxins are known to cause cancer in humans).


- Reusable – for up to 10 years.


- Eco-friendly and sustainable- no environmental waste.


- Cost effective- no more monthly costs.


- Leak free when used correctly.


- Up to 12 hrs of continual protection.


- Odourless – no odour is produced as the menstrual fluid is not exposed to air.


- Comfortable.


- Non-drying – it collects fluid instead of absorbing it, and does not dry the vagina, therefore preserving the healthy bacteria in the vagina which protects from vaginal infections.


- Does not leave fibres or foreign material behind in vagina, unlike tampons.

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